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Shree Ambika Cable Machine Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a broad range of ergonomic designed products, used in cable industry ranging from simple Powder Applicating Machine to Core Laying Machine.

Ours is a professionally managed company driven by values, Core competency and business ethics at its core. The company is run by a team of fifteen highly competitive and experienced technicians headed by brothers, Mr. Kamlesh Verma and Mr. Mukesh Verma, who along with the required technical expertise and excellent managerial capabilities give the necessary impetus for the overall growth of the company.


The continuous improvement principles are the driving force of the company. Besides, innovation in designs and flexibility of operations provide a mix of factors responsible for the growth of the company.

We at Shree Ambika cater to the needs of the customer, right through the inception (design and development), to installation and services (maintenance) of the machinery provided by us.

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