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  Rigid/Sun & Plantary Standing / Armouring Machine
For the production of Cu. & Al. Cable.
Sun & Planetary for without back twist.
Fabricated stand type of piller (Column) type pay-off.
Pintles/Shafts type Bobbin holding arrangement, with a mechanical safety device, which assures the proper locking of the Bobbin.
Brake Band type bobbin clutch or Auto clutches.
Rotor (Cage): fabricated steel structure with properly machined & ground wheel. Bearing at Both ends of Rotor or one end with Hylem Rollers under the wheels.
Pneumatic brakes.
Quick closing/releasing, spring loaded Die holder with longitudinal adjustment.
Dual Capstan type Haul-off with lay and direction change gear box/caterpillar.
Fabricated stand type or piller(Colums) type Take-up With Traverse unit.
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